Fire Protection

Banmech offers different types of fire safety solutions for commercial, residential and industrial projects such as project consultancy, engineering design and drawing, fire equipments supply, total installation, periodic service and maintenance. Our comprehensive fire protection solutions conforms the international standard of NFPA (National Fire Protection of Association).fire_alarm

Banmech Limited is skilled and experienced to design and customize Fire Protection Systems. Our Engineers are appropriately trained and experienced in installing and commissioning of fire pumps, plumbing of risers, fire suppression piping, appropriate valves and sprinklers as well as installing of automatic or manual alarm system including various detectors and mass notification system.



Why will you choose us for fire protection solution?

Fire incidents in the country are increasing at an alarming rate. In 2004 alone, a total of 7,140 fire incident occurred which caused damage to property worth more than Tk. 200 crore. The cost of property damage and human death are enormous compared to the initial cost of standard fire protection system & maintenance.

Due to the lack of awareness and standard fire protection system, Bangladesh RMG sector suffered unbearable death toll and property damage since 1990 in Bangladesh.

Chart Fire in RMG


Banmech Limited comprises with a professional team of consultant, designing engineers, project engineers and technician who have broad knowledge and experience to complete any projects with international standard guideline and given deadline.


We provide the finest and most cost effective comprehensive fire protection solution to our customers. We make every effort to be the most preferred partner for all our business stakeholders, customers, vendors, suppliers, management staffs and technicians.


How we are helping you by providing fire protection solution:


  • Low insurance payment: Saving your insurance cost
  • Life safety code compliance: Saving human life and uninterrupted business
  • Continuous business operation: Saving your property damaging cost
  • Liability avoidance: Saving your cost of penalty expenses after fire incidents
  • Legislation: Saving your cost of legislation after fire incidents




Fire Protection Products

Banmech offered products of advanced fire protection equipment comprising some of the well reputed and trusted brands in the fire industry. Its products range from the latest fire detection and alarm technology, through engineered fire suppression systems, to hand-held firefighting equipment. more


Fire Detection, Alarming & Evacuation System

Banmech integrated fire detection system is designed to play a critical role in evacuating residents safely and minimizing damage at the time of a fire. Banmech proceeds safety and security by finding intelligent ways to save lives and protect people with our integrated, customized Fire Detection and Fire Alarm solutions. Our Fire Detection solutions are well suited for industrial and commercial applications from manufacturing, power generation to telecommunications etc. more


Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler System

The fire hydrant system is the backbone of the fire fighting systems in a building or premises. The system is a water distribution system consisting of water tank, suction piping, fire pumps and a distributed piping system. more


Automatic Fire Suppression System

We offer Automatic fire suppression systems that control and extinguish fires automatically. The system is designed based on the application such as industry variety and customer requirements. more

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