Fire Fighting Products

Our water, foam, powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers are ideal for tackling Class A (carbonaceous materials such as wood, paper and textiles), Class B (flammable liquids such as gasoline, oils, paints and fats) and Class C (flammable gas) fires.


Automatic Fire Extinguisher (Dry Powder Unit): Fully automatic release to extinguish class a, b, c & electrical fires effectivelyAutomatic Fire Extinguisher (Dry Powder Unit)













Portable Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher: Exceptionally effective on class b, c, & electrical fire

Portable Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher












Dry Chemical Powder Extinguisher: Effective on Class A, B, C and electrical fire

Dry Chemical Powder Extinguisher











Foam Type Fire Extinguisher: Exceptionally effective on class A & B fire

Foam Type Fire Extinguisher





Mobile Type Fire Extinguisher: Available with the filling of CO2/Foam/Dry Chemical Powder

Mobile Type Fire Extinguisher












Skid Mounted CO2 Fire Extinguisher: Exceptionally effective to protect equipment or processes in areas that are not occupied by people

Skid Mounted CO2 Fire Extinguisher






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