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  1. Oxidizing Biocide: Oxidizing Biocide of cooling tower is a re-circulation water, based on sulphate,
    is formulated to eliminate, control and prevent algae and slime growth at tower basin in cooling
    Application: Oxidizing Biocide can be used in cooling towers, feed water systems, ponds, sewage
    systems, fountains, storage tanks etc.
    Origin: Germany
  2. Non oxidizing Biocide: Non-Oxidizing Biocide of cooling tower is re-circulation water, based on
    glutaraldehyde, is formulated to control microbiological slime, bacteria and algae growth at tower
    basin in cooling tower.
    Application: Non-Oxidizing Biocide can be used in industrial and commercial re-circulating cooling
    systems, fountains, pool etc.
    Origin: Germany
  3. Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor: Scale Inhibitor, cooling tower re-circulation water conditioner, based
    on sodium acrylate, is formulated to control and to reduce scale, corrosion and rust formation and
    sludge deposition on heat exchanger as well as tower basin in cooling tower system.
    Application: Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor can be used in the cooling tower both for generator as
    well as chiller.
    Origin: Germany

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